Team One

About the team

Disposition Team 1 is the older of the two teams. Ever since it's creation in 2017-06-16 the focus has been to compete in the absolute top end of the WoW raiding scene. We invest a lot of time into the game, both prior to and at the release of mythic content. If you think you have what it takes to join us, do not hesitate to apply regardless of if your class/spec is listed.

Raiding Information

The guild provides everything you need to excel at your job during raids, which includes providing all consumables, helping out with BoE's and crafted gear, providing information and tactics for upcoming encounters. We expect you to show up in time, with the right drive and motivation to down hard content right as it's released!

Raiding Schedule

During progression: 7 days/week including day-raiding

After progression: 3 (If we deem this necessary to prepare for the upcoming content) days/week, evening time. Most likely Weds/Thurs/Sun