Guild history and the fight for ranks

Guild history and the fight for ranks image

Hello there

My name is Zeithe, or Kevin as most that know me call me despite my amazing character name. I'm the GM of Disposition and the person responsible for most of the decisions we make.

I thought I'd take the time to use this new platform and actually go in-depth into something that seems a bit controversial regarding our guild, specifically our hunt for world ranks and what we're willing to do to get them. But before I do that, I thought I'd give you, or at least the people that are interested,  a brief guild history to anchor what I'm about to say on.

Disposition was officially created on June 16th 2017. We did not have any previous contacts with top-end players nor were we a remake of other guilds, but rather started from the very bottom, with trade-chat spam, forum posts and similar unfashionable recruitment strategies. However, from the very start, we only recruited people with the same mindset, time commitment and  those who were able to put the same effort into the game as we planned to do. This made recruitment very difficult at the start (Apparently, there is not a lot of rank #1500 day raiders out there, who would have known?)

We spent almost all of Tomb of Sargeras progressing (At this point, we raided 3 (4 in the start) days a week, 3 hours per day), only clearing the instance about a month prior to Antorus was released. We replaced our raiding team several times over, every time we faced new challenges we unfortunately had people who were not quite up for the task and this lasted all the way up until the week prior to Antorus release, where we finally finalized the roster we would use. We had a goal of top 500 in the world for Tomb Of Sargeras which we met, finishing the tier around rank #290
However, our Antorus preparation had some glaring holes in it. We had close to zero competitive alts, none of which had competitive ToS gear and were barely good enough to be fodder for our heroic splits. Our PTR raiding was patchy at best with half the guild not even able to access the PTR. We had a few people who we knew were not quite good enough to compete at this level, but we did not have the reputation or time to replace them. We also made a conscious decision to enter Antorus with a raid size of only 22 people. We simply did not have time to recruit and get to know enough people before its release to actually become stronger from a more flexible roster, but rather decided to go with the people we had and knew, even if it made us considerably more vulnerable to do so.

Luckily, we hit the nail on the head when deciding meta-comp for the first 9 bosses, but when we struck Aggramar, these holes in our roster became gaping chasms, making progression very hard. We endured, and pushed through, finally finishing the tier at world rank #42 after some additional roster issues on Argus. This meant we reached our goal for the tier, which was top 50 world.

This is where I need to make a statement. We are under no illusion why we got the rank we did, we are top 50 because of the preparation, splits, time investment AND skill of our players. Several of the guilds around us achieved what we achieved with putting considerably less time into the game and we know that. Generally speaking, we have a lot of admiration and appreciation for the guilds around us considering their results vs the time they put in and draw a lot of inspiration from them.

There are those who do not believe in what we're trying to accomplish, and i get that, people generally fear what they do not understand. For us, however,  we are a two tier old guild that is consecutively hitting our goals and we are very proud of what we've accomplished.

Now to the actual topic of the article! We are a progression oriented guild, with everything it entails. Our long term goal is to be a stable top 5 world guild, hopefully even one that is eventually able to challenge Method and Exorsus and create an even more competitive World Of Warcraft atmosphere which i think in the end benefits us all. 

I can understand this might sound provocative, i can understand how that would spontaneously make you feel like we think we're already in that league but trust me, we don't. We know what a huge lead a guild like Method has and how difficult it will be for us to catch up, but that will absolutely not be the reason we do not try.  Unfortunately for our haters , and luckily for our fan (Hi mom!), we will continue to improve, continue to fight and hopefully eventually be able to give them a run for their money.

Now to apply some modern psychology and write down our goals for the next tier. We have our eyes set on front page for next tier, meaning top 20 world and we really think we'll get there.
For the people who actually stuck with me until the very end of this long winded article, I just hope that maybe, just maybe, you'll have a bit more understanding and appreciation for what we're trying to accomplish
Yours sincerely
Zeithe, GM of Disposition