Who are we?

Disposition was formed 2017-06-16 and we had our first official raid in Tomb of Sargeras. The objective from the very start was to form a competitive guild, aiming for very good world ranks and competing with the very best. As we were building the guild in Tomb of Sargeras, we noticed that the community was dying out a bit between raids as no one had anything valuable to do in game. The decision was made to form a second team, that were to have the same mindset as the first, but with slightly more sane raid hours and time commitment to the game. These teams are run completely independently and do not leech from each other but rather offer support and advice in any way they can to help each other flourish.

Even if this guild is focused on progression and competing, because of the like mindedness of the members we also have a lot of fun together, from just hanging out and talking on TS (Yes, we still use TS) to playing other games, or doing old content together. This is an important aspect of the guild and makes us tolerate each other during progress


Our Policies

Common sense gets you a long way in this guild, but some of the most important aspects to us are as follows

  1. Be on time and as prepared as you can possibly be for the challenge ahead. The guild will offer you a lot of opportunity to prepare for upcoming content and we expect you to utilize that. Your time is not more valuable than our time
  2. Talk to and treat other players from both team with the respect they deserve. Bullying will NOT be tolerated
  3. Have close to 100% attendance. We do not do calendar invites but instead expect everyone to always show up. Notify us when you can't make it for some reason
  4. Have a stable connection and a good computer. If you are the best player in the world and keep disconnecting or lagging you will be of no use to us
  5. Treat competing guilds and players with respect
  6. No racism, sexism or homophobia is allowed